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There is a “New America”; perspectives are changing.

  • Marcon, GA Ranked #1

  • Frisco, TX Ranked #2

  • Meridian, ID Ranked #5

  • Kent, WA Ranked #6


*Growth As Ranked by Wikipedia (2010 census vs. 2018 pop. Est.)

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Your audience is no longer centered only in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or a specific city. If you do not shift your focus on learning about the new population shifts, and their varying perspectives, you will miss the opportunity to harvest this wealth of knowledge.

Turn to us at FCP Research, and our team will work tirelessly to help you navigate the new economic landscape of the US. Leveraging our expertise in growth and secondary markets, we have what it takes to guide you.

The FCP Research Difference

FCP Research leverages highly focused social media targeting and cutting-edge market research recruitment capabilities to help you satisfy the most demanding. We make it possible for you to reach a larger audience more quickly than traditional databases, and we gather more accurate information on our recruits, than anyone else in the field.

We have access to revolutionary technology, to recruit top talents in the social media world, medical influencers and practitioners, technical wizards, and captains of industry. Best of all, our team can tap into our vast network of professionals of all stripes, to deliver the results you are looking for.

Tapping Into Growth Markets Using Social Media

Our initiative to introduce fresh ideas to the market has enabled us to consistently deliver impressive results. We take advantage of the innovative tools that social media has to offer in the market research field. Today, we have the world’s largest databases, which we utilize to improve your reach in every market in America!

Social Media is having a dramatic and significant impact on the market research industry. By being at the forefront of this shift in the market research world for more than seven years, FCP Research is in a unique position to handle field projects successfully across the United States, that other recruiters will give up on. As a result, we are often the firm many Market Research Firms call on to complete recruitments that others just can’t deliver on.